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US Double Bit Felling Axe


    • Few axes are more iconic than the American ‘Double Bit’. Double bit felling axes spread across America during the 19th century when the logging industry was still reliant on axes for felling trees.

      Traditionally, one bit was used for heavy work that was prone to dull the blade, while the other had a finely-honed edge and kept in reserve for fine cutting. The beauty of double bit axes is that the user has the option to profile each blade differently. May use one edge for splitting and the other for cutting.

      The Double Bit has as straight handle and symmetrical head, offering a comfortable balance for the wielder. Comes with a heavy duty natural veg tan leather sheath.  A Deluxe top grain American cowhide 6-7oz Latigo leather sheath is also available.

      Head Weight: 1.6kg | Handle Length: 75cm
    • Head
      • C50 high grade carbon steel
      • Open die drop forged by hand, heat treated, and oil-hardened
      • Approximately 53-56HRC (Rockwell)
      • Hand ground, polished and sharpened bit / blade
      • Stamped with 'Helko' crown mark

      • Crafted from Grade 'A' American hickory
      • Individually selected for grain orientation and density
      • Hand finished with boiled linseed oil
      • Traditionally hung using softwood wedge and round steel ring wedge

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