We don't make saws, but if we did..

We don't make saws, but if we did..

There are times when axes are much quicker and easier to use for cutting and processing wood, but there are other times when saws become the tool of choice. When tired or fatigued, or after a sip of whiskey by the fire, an axe becomes a poor choice compared to a saw for collecting and processing wood.

When breaking up felled trees into fire wood or clearing a hiking or mountain bike trail, a good crosscut saw can work more efficiently and in a shorter time than an axe to get the job done.

The diameter of the trees you’re cutting will help determine the size and style of the saw you need. For small diameter trees, or while clearing a trail, a folding pocket saw is ideal. For bucking up firewood, or to take on a hiking or canoe trip, a larger folding saw or folding bucksaw can accomplish a great deal of work while taking up very little space in a hiking or canoe pack.

We are often asked if we make saws. We don't, but if we did we would make them just like they do at Fanno Saw Works in California, USA.

Since its beginning over 75 years ago, Fanno Saw Works has been supplying arborists, orchardists, vineyards, nurseries, public utilities companies, forest service agencies, home gardeners, and many others with the finest pruning saws on the market.

The development of the “Fanno” tooth design is at the heart of the company’s success. The key feature of the design is the strength of the cutting edge. Also, the heel of the tooth forms an open mouth, referred to as the “gullet”. These features give the saw a faster cut that doesn't bind in green wood and allows it to stay sharp longer in hardwoods.

The tooth design was not the only innovation. The blade's curved edge enabled the cutting teeth to work at their optimum. The blade's curve allows the user to maximize the cutting effectiveness of the downward stroke, or pull, of the tool.

Whether you're an arborist high in a tree, a professional gardener pruning on the ground or an adventurer in a wild place, a time-tested, durable saw blade is an essential tool of the trade. With Fanno Saws you have access to superior traditional craftsmanship and competitive prices -- check out our inventory today!

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