Going Natural, Naturally!

Helko Werk Natural Whetstone Sharpening Stone Puck

We have introduced a new sharpening stone to our range, and this time we have used the best nature can offer us.  

Before man-made composite grinding stones, naturally occurring "Made by Nature" stone was used to hone and sharpen metal tools and weapons.

Overtime some stones where known to have better sharpening qualities than others and became prized items.  Many of these prized stone sources have long been forgotten, however, we have carefully sourced our new natural axe sharpening stone from a small historic quarry in the nordic country of Finland.

Here the bedrock has deposits of premium quality schistose mudstone that has matured over millions of years into excellent quality fine grained whetstone.  The main minerals are quartz, feldspar and mica.

The better quality soft rock is separated off and handcrafted into our natural axe sharpening whetstone.  The stone provides a medium to fine grind and is a fantastic general use sharpening stone for keeping your hatchet or axe edge sharp and in great shape.


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