Our new Premium Leather Sheaths have arrived

Our new Premium Leather Sheaths have arrived

Our new Premium Axe Sheaths landed on Friday.  We have them handmade in the USA by artisan leather workers from vegetable tanned top grain 6-7oz cowhide Latigo leather. Dyed a traditional tan colour and infused with oils and waxes for moisture protection and stamped with the famous Helko Crown logo.

Each is fastened with nickel-plated rivets, and incorporates a welt for added bit/blade protection.  The sheath is secured with an adjustable nickel-plated buckle and strap.

The leather is softer and more supple than our Standard Sheaths. They are thick, durable and will endure years of service - they look great too!


Our Standard Axe Sheaths, which come as standard with our axes, are made at the same workshops as our premium sheaths and from the same 6-7oz top grain cowhide leather, except they are left untreated and do not have a welt.

They are stiffer than our Premium Sheaths and incredible hard wearing.  The untreated nature of the leather allows you the option of dying or finishing the leather to a custom finish if you so wish.



Sheaths are available in 6 sizes with 30.5cm and 43cm straps.  If you are unsure which size you need, please ask.

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