Swiss Army Blanket

The original Swiss Army blankets are unique and in very limited supply. They were produced from the end of the 19th century up to the early sixties and stored in caves in the Swiss Alps, which served as military depots. The blankets were signed with the initials of the maker and the year of origin. Some are dated 1907, over 100 years old!

Our best quality heavy weight reproduction Swiss Army blankets come in various shades of gray-brown with a red band on either side, one being adorned with the instantly recognisable Swiss Cross.  Stitched through the blanket in one corner is the letter 'W' and the number '68'.

These Swiss Army blankets are typical of genuine Swiss quality, in combination with great charm and timeless beauty.  Perfect for camp, garden, outdoor event's or as a throw for a bed or that old leather chair.

80% Wool / 20% Other

Measures approximately 200cm x 155cm

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