Oudoor Hatchet


  • The 'Outdoor Hatchet' is our entry level hatchet and is the perfect basic camp tool.  The lightweight 500g head is ground and polished to a highly reflective finish that reduces friction when cutting and improves rust resistance, and stamped with the Helko Crown.  The very nearly straight 35cm handle is of fine Swiss Ash and hand finished with a light lacquer to protect the wood. The hatchet comes with a full head leather sheath with belt loops.
  • Head
    • C50 high grade carbon steel
    • Open die drop forged by hand, heat treated, and oil-hardened
    • Approximately 54 - 56 HRC (Rockwell)
    • Hand ground and polished to a mirror finish
    • Stamped with Helko Crown logo

    • Premium grade Swiss Ash
    • Individually selected for grain orientation and density
    • Hand finished with lacquer
    • Traditionally hung with wooden wedge and round steel ring wedge

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