No.112 Folding Field Saw

Quality oriented industry pioneers, Fanno Saw Works is a leading manufacturer of professional pruning saws. Based in Chico, California, Fanno Saw Works has been supplying arborists, orchardists, nurseries, public utilities companies, forest service agencies, home gardeners and adventurers with the finest pruning anf field saws for three generations.

The No.112 Folding Field Saw has a Japanese made 10 inch tri-edged blade with 6 teeth per inch and cuts on the pull stroke.This saw is great for all-around use; the tri-edged blades make for a quicker cut and it is compact enough for the tool box or back pocket.

  • 10" / 260mm curved cutting edge
  • 6 points per inch tri-edge teeth
  • 11.5" / 290mm solid Eastern Hard Maple handle from Maine, USA finished with a light matt protective lacquer
  • Weight 293g (approx.)
  • Blade Japan / Handle USA

Your Fanno Saw should last you a lifetime, as the saws are fully rebuildable and spares are readily available.

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