No.1 Folding FIELD SAW™

Quality oriented industry pioneers, Fanno Saw Works, is a leading manufacturer of professional pruning saws and has been supplying arborists, orchardists, nurseries, public utilities companies, forest service agencies, home gardeners and adventurers with the finest pruning saws for 3 generations.

The No. 1 Folding FIELD SAW™ was designed to suit the commercial pruners needs. This saw can be folded and carried conveniently in your pocket or pack.  Used by most commercial pruners, it is the most popular saw of its kind in the USA today.

  • 19 gauge special formula saw steel
  • 9.5" / 240mm curved cutting edge
  • 6 points per inch lance teeth
  • 11.5" / 290mm traditional Hard Maple handle, finished with a light matt protective lacquer
  • Weight 277g (approx.)
  • Blade USA / Handle USA

Your Fanno FIELD SAW™ should last you a lifetime, as the saws are fully rebuildable and spares are readily available.

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