German Caffeine Chocolate | 100g Tin Can

The famous SCHO-KA-KOLA chocolate, sold in its famous round tin with striking white ray design, was created in 1935. The year after that, the traditional family-run enterprise saw the Berlin Olympic Games as the perfect occasion for launching SCHO-KA-KOLA as a performance enhancing chocolate ideal for athletes.

During WW2, Scho-Ka-Kola was a part of the aviator ration packs, and was widely issued alongside normal food distribution to the army.

SCHO-KA-KOLA, is available in classic dark chocolate variety or in a milk chocolate version. Whether light or dark, both varieties share the same unique recipe, which contains natural caffeine extracted from cocoa, cola nuts (the fruit of the cola tree, which grows mainly in West and Central Africa and contains considerably more caffeine than ordinary coffee) and coffee, and provide a mental boost for more energy and concentration.

Each tin contains 16 melt-in-the-mouth wedges of identicle shaped chocolate. 8 peices containes as much caffine as a cup of coffee.

Note: May contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds and gluten.

Made in Germany.

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