Helko Werk - Leather Accessories


Protect your axe, and yourself, with our traditional leather sheaths.

Our leather hatchet and axe accessories are handmade in the USA by artisan leather workers from best quality vegetable-tanned saddle leather and are stamped with the Helko logo. Each is fastened with nickel-plated rivets, and features an adjustable nickel-plated buckle strap. These sheaths are thick, durable, and will endure years of service.

The Standard sheaths are made from untreated vegetable tanned leather.  Because the leather has not been treated, they can be easily dyed, stained, or polished, if one prefers to do so.

The Premium sheaths are also made from vegatable tanned leather but are dyed a traditional Tan colour and treated for moisture protection.  The leather is softer and more supple than the Standard sheaths and they look great too!