Journeyman "Black Edition"


  • The "Black Edition" is a limited run (25 in the UK) of our Classic Journeyman Pack Axe. Using the Japanese technique of Shou-Sugi-Ban (焼杉板) the surface of the hickory handle has been charred to render it a deep charcoal-black and provide weatherproofing and preservation qualities.

    After charing, the handle is brushed back, re-charred and then oiled with pure Swedish Linseed Oil and embossed with our famous crown logo.  This special edition package is finished off with a black full head deluxe sheath for that complete black look!

    Please note that each axe is finished on order, so please allow 10 -14 days for delivery.

    A cross between a hatchet and conventional axe, this pack axe is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry while trekking through the wilderness. The weight and length allow for either one or two handed use, and it is equally capable of both cutting and splitting work. The Journeyman is the perfect all-purpose companion for the backpacker, camper, or woodsman.

  • Head
    • C50 high grade carbon steel
    • Open die drop forged by hand, heat treated, and oil-hardened
    • Approximately 53-56HRC (Rockwell)
    • Hand ground and sharpened blade
    • Stamped with 'Helko' crown mark
    • Full head black deluxe sheath

    • Hand crafted from Grade 'A' American hickory
    • Individually selected for grain orientation and density
    • Should-Sugi-Ban Charred
    • Stamped with 'Helko' crown mark
    • Hand finished with raw Swedish linseed oil
    • Traditionally hung using wood wedge and round steel ring wedge

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